Findings needs to improve healthcare

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the field of medical device innovation across the world led by people who are creating affordable and elegantly designed devices that add value to existing medical processes and make them simpler, cheaper and more accessible.

To create those products, these change-makers first have to identify unmet medical needs within a clinical setting and then develop new business opportunities.

The 2013-2014 d·HEALTH fellow teams have ended their clinical immersion experience in neonatology, neuro-rehabilitation and arrhythmias. During two months of intensive observation on medical procedures and routines, each team has compiled a list of over 300 needs and currently they are in the process of narrowing these large lists down into the top needs to take forward into brainstorming and invention.

This video resumes how was their clinical immersion experience at three top hospitals in Barcelona.

Neonatology Team includes: Arnau Valls, Marc Rabaza, Susan Feitoza and Mattia Bosio

Neuro-rehabilitation Team includes: Markus Wilhelms, Immaculada Herrero, Àngel Calzada and Marc Benet

Arrhythmias Team includes: Lalis Fontcuberta, Mateu Pla, Roger Benet and Alfred Ramírez

Welcome fellows… and see you all in September!!!

Last weeks have been very intense for Moebio team. After a rigorous application process, we have selected the 12 fellows who will start Design Health Barcelona this fall. The first class in the program’s history is composed by 12 promising young health transformers coming from the US, Germany, Italy and Spain and with backgrounds in design, engineering, economics and biosciences.

During the application period, open from April 16th to June 24th, more than 200 people showed interest in our training initiative to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and professional development in the biomedical field. We are very pleased because we received candidates with very high profiles, researchers with several papers published in high impact factor journals, senior officials of pharmaceutical companies, young engineers who have developed telemedicine projects in the Amazon, etc. The selected fellows, all together, have 105 scientific publications, 6 patents and 18 professional awards.

Now, once the work done, Moebio is taking a break over August, also from writing this blog. We will be back in September with new articles and videos about emerging technologies in healthcare, tips to be a successful entrepreneur in the medical field… and, above all, we will be back full of energy to start the first edition of Design Health Barcelona in September 16th!

The official opening event of d·HEALTH Barcelona will take place few days earlier, on Friday, September 13, at 9:30 am at the Mobile World Center in Barcelona. Dr. Josep Amat, professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, will explain to us about his experiences as an entrepreneur innovating from hospitals at the intersection of robotics and medicine.

But that will be in September. During August we will continue tweeting interesting things at @moebiobarcelona so check in there for ongoing updates. Otherwise, see you all in September.