A big thanks

One month ago, on April 16, Biocat officially launched Moebio and its flagship program Design Health Barcelona, an innovative, challenging, inspiring and global talent development initiative to train health transformers.

In the next decade, medical technology industry is going to be massively disrupted and transformed in ways that we cannot entirely predict right now. The convergence of technologies ranging from cloud-based healthcare data, to regenerative medicine, 3D printing, wearable devices, mobile health and artificial intelligence promise to re-invent how medicine is practiced.

Some of these technologies will emerge from initiatives like Design Health Barcelona, a unique environment where fellows will work in multidisciplinary teams and with international experts in science, design, technology and business to detect and solve currently unmet clinical needs.

If you could not join us at Moebio and Design Health Barcelona introduction event, or if you are interested in recovering the presentations, you can watch the video of the event here.


Biocat’s commitment to train future leaders and to accelerate entrepreneurship in healthcare has just begun, so we hope to continue having your support and to meet again at future events. in the forthcoming weeks you will find us at:


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