Welcome to optimism

Hello and welcome to Moebio’s blog!

We have created this space on the digital world to share a new initiative with you. An initiative that has the potential of changing your life and, at the same time, contribute to solve some of the society’s greatest problems.

The challenges that our world faces today in education, biotechnology, healthcare and more, and the ones we can sense will be showing up tomorrow are big.

However, we believe these problems are, in fact, opportunities to push humanity forward and forge a brighter future. But to make this happen, we need creative and disruptive approaches, courage and vision. We need to play together, using each of our talents, challenging each other so we can grow.

MOEBIO is our strategy to ignite this positive change. Moebio is a fabric of future leaders who will be trained through pioneering programs that boost innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare.

Moebio brings together talented people from life sciences, health, business, technology and design unafraid to challenge the status quo. Combining immersion experiences, the insight of renowned hospitals, an innovative learning methodology, international lecturers and mentors and a unique X-thinking approach, it trains them to acquire the values, attitudes and behaviours necessary to break down barriers and to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems through entrepreneurship, collaboration and innovation.

Moebio is a place for personal and professional development, within the real world, with real challenges, in real-life assignments, and it  just opened its doors.

We encourage you to visit us often to read our articles and browse our videos on the latest insights about Moebio and innovation in healthcare. And, of course, your  comments will be more than welcome! To create new realities in this world we need you and you and you and you!


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