Fast Company just released Most Innovative Companies 2013, its annual guide to world’s top 50 most innovative startups and established businesses. Giving it a quick look, it’s easy to notice than many of them are from the healthcare industry. So who are these businesses whose innovations are having the greatest impact on how care is provided and delivered?

Here is a list of the 10 most innovative healthcare companies together with a brief explanation of why Fast Company picked them, and their corresponding rank on this year’s top 50. Note that although the three bottom ones did not make it to the cross-industry Top 50, they were included on Fast Company’s healthcare-specific Top 10.

+Sproxil – for sticking it to fraudulent pharmaceutical sellers (#7)
+Safaricom – for bridging the healthcare gap with telecom (#9)
+Seechange health – for making health (not healthcare costs) its top priority (#20)
+D-Rev – for bringing design to third-world healthcare (#25)
+Proteus Digital Health – for putting GPS in our pills (#34)

+GE Healthcare – for making an ultrasound for your whole body (#34)
+Dexcom – for bringing design to your blood-sugar monitor (#34)
+Walgreens – for redefining the role of the pharmacy (-)
+Athena Health – for making it easy to access medical records online (-)
+Teladoc – for strengthening the doctor-patient connection (-)

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