Last June, at Biz Barcelona, the international forum for entrepreneurs, Salim Ismail, Moebio’s Advisory Board member and Executive Director of Singularity University, outlined how exponential technology is increasingly impacting our lives and explained what Singularity University highly selective educational center based in Silicon Valley is and does.

Technology is fundamental for human progress. It is the only one capable of driving great changes in the world. Today, we are on the Age of Technological Disruption fostered by fast-moving cutting-edge technologies. According to Ismail, huge changes are coming in computing, energy (solar energy), medicine (biotech & nanotech) and manufacturing (3D printing) that soon will radically change our economy, educational system, medical system etc.

Born in 2008 under NASA and Google, Singularity University trains future global leaders and entrepreneurs who want to help change the world through technology. The school only accepts projects on robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, neuroscience, medicine…. to respond to the problems of over a billion people.

In the following video you can watch Salim Ismail’s complete conference: