In our latest post we mentioned the crowd-funding campaign Moebio’s Advisory Board member Neo Kok Beng at Singapore, had launched to build the most affordable 3D printer for everyday consumer use.

In ten minutes, Pirate3D Inc, the start-up that is going to develop the printer, raised its funding goal of $100,000 on its Kickstarter page. The Buccaneer®, a sleek aluminum and acrylic encased 3D printer, attracted 298 backers to reach its funding goal.

Pirate3D’s product has attracted widespread attention with its affordable price, stylish design, and promised ease-of-use. Priced at $347, is a 3D printer designed with ease-of-use and aesthetics in mind. The Buccaneer® comes fully assembled and is meant to be set up with ease and printing within minutes of unboxing.

Aside from hardware, the Pirate3D team is developing apps that work together with their 3D printer. The device is designed to work with mobile devices in tandem with cloud architecture. The first batch of Buccaneers will ship in December 2013.