The Silicon Valley is the technology center of the world, the main hub for entrepreneurship. It’s no wonder that so many places seek to be the next Silicon Valley. But what are the secret ingredients that have made such environment possible? People? Money?

Many entrepreneurs visit, each year, this area in California to live its spirit, to test the viability of their ideas or to look for inspiration to, later, back at home, launch their own business. However, some innovators decide to settle there.

That’s the case of Xavier Verdaguer, a serial entrepreneur and investor from Barcelona currently based in San Francisco. Over the past fourteen years, he has set up several technological innovation businesses.

Last June, at Biz Barcelona, the international forum for entrepreneurs, Xavier Verdaguer, who is also a member of d·HEALTH Barcelona advisory board, explained what are the keys to be a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley but, mostly, what can we learn and import from this unique place to make Barcelona a leading innovation hub in the world.

In the following video you can watch Xavier’s complete conference: