Respect, integration, passion, exclusivity, fortunate, challenging, social, humane, team-working, eye-opening, inspiring, touchy, interesting, uncertainty, initiative, divergent, intuition, enthusiastic, team-building, agent of change, disruptive, enhancer, empathy, motivation, entrepreneur, development, next generation, learn, enjoy, future… It is not possible to define this experience in one single word, what I felt and how we lived it is actually a cloud of them.

It is already a reality that MedTech has enormously grown in the last few years. Nonetheless, there is still big room to improve. Since 2001 this is exactly what Stanford University is aiming for and after a successful 1st edition, Moebio is also promoting so through d·HEALTHBarcelona.

Just before Christmas the 2nd class of d·HEALTH Barcelona concluded the immersion subphase in Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Hospital Clínic. One earlier month of bootcamp provided us with a set of tools and horizontal knowledge in terms of creativity, healthcare system, X-thinking, business model, medicine, engineering, intellectual property… All around we may require to face next 2 months of clinical immersion into a 3rd level hospital and the following 2 phases. Those lectures not only have been such a powerful learning, but also were given for master expertise of their subject such as Mario López de Ávila, Javier Megias, Robert Harju, Javier Creus, Humberto Matas, Luis Soenksen, fuelfor… We’ve got around 90 masters in a single month teaching us! (WoW momentum)

Our immersion at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu as part of the identification phase began every business day at 7:45am, from late October until Christmas. In the morning we were following physicians, midwifes and nurses all along the Hospital in order to write down any observation we got shocked at or unsolved pain points for either the patients or the physicians. Meanwhile in the afternoon, we were digesting the observations with all the team.

It’s very important to find the appropriate balance between observation and digestion time in order to go further than what it’s being observed: to analyze what you see —alone or even better with the whole team. However, it’s beyond necessary to have an agenda which ensures you leisure; also to eat healthy, to sleep and to practice sport are a non-forgettable keystone throughout the experience if you want to keep your energy level high enough.

Along the immersion in the obstetric service we saw more ultrasounds than most of the mothers, we share many “it’s a boy/girl”, some bad news but also happy news that it makes you feel really fortunate. I will always remember the first patient who gave birth being me in the labor room (WoW momentum and also touchy).

I usually measure how intense is what you’re doing by measuring the sense of time when you look back at the steps behind. Last 3 months have not only flew, but also flied from us: bootcamp + immersion have been such a unique experience. Hospital Sant Joan de Déu has embraced us as one of them.

Catching the future

We’re a pharmacist, a physiotherapist, a designer and an engineer. Our Immersion has ended up with a list of 400 observations, within more than 100 of them might be potential business opportunities. This amount of observations is remarkable and it’s only because of the diversity within the team set by Moebio that we repeated just 10% of our observations looking at the same specific instant and space. This diversity makes us also capable to face challenges from different points of view.

I do believe the jobs without human added-value won’t last many years. As a team we have the opportunity to add value at our lives, to be part of the change of our fellow citizens’ daily life. Our claim is to deliver a MedTech device in the near future to help as many people as possible. To do so, invent and implementation phases are going to keep us moving forward and keep our balance towards this roller-coaster of work, uncertainty, sinking and euphoria.

We are pregnant. We are getting ready to deliver.
Keep on track to discover our newborn.

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