What if technology could prevent birth defects, store massive amounts of data, help a gay couple have their own genuine biological children by mixing and matching their DNA in software or increase the mind’s ability to tap its full potential? It would be a very weird world, indeed. But, that future world may not be so far away if Cambrian Genomics, a San Francisco based bio-hacking company started by Austen Heinz, has its way.

Right now 3D printing human DNA costs $2.2 billion. Heinz has found a way to build hardware/systems for laser printing DNA 10.000 times cheaper paving the way to make the technology available for the masses so anyone will become a genetic designer. Heinz says his DNA laser printing technology currently can produce more DNA in a single round than all the machines in the world in an entire year.

If synthetic DNA will become a consumer product only time will tell but, meantime, if you want to learn more about how DNA laser printing work don’t miss the following video: