This week we have found quite a few fascinating videos on the Internet.

First, the World Economic Forum has made public a collection of videos summarizing the lectures that took place this year at Davos. They examine ideas such as self monitoring with digital health, how can robotics and assistive technology help us to live well in later life or how can we improve the access and affordability of simple medical devices for people living in rural areas on less than four dollars a day. But also how big data is redesigning how we learn, how to empower new talent and breakthroughs in different scientific fields.

The video below is about product innovation for emerging markets but you can access the complete collection here. It is, definitely worth watching!


It is also highly recommend to visit the Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Tecnology (CIMIT)’s video gallery. There you will also find amazing videos about innovations in healthcare, including the next technology wave in the sector as well as reorganization of healthcare delivery and how to detect unmet needs to later develop new solutions. We have highlighted one about the importance of routine simulation in modern healthcare but all of them are available here.

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